National Football League: Declare Steelers winners v. Patriots for official blunder

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On December 17, 2017, there was a big football game between the visiting New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. New England had a record of 10-3; the Pittsburgh Steelers had a record of 11-2 going into the game. Hence, this battle was to help decide who will have home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. The game was close; however, the Steelers appeared to have the game won when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger completed a pass to tight end Jesse James who reach the ball over the end zone. This touchdown would have given the Steelers a 30-27 lead with under 30 seconds left.

However, after a replay review by the referee, Tony Corrente, it was decided that the catch was an incomplete pass nullifying the score. As a result, on the ensuing plays, Roethlisberger threw a pass that was batted up and intercepted in the end zone sealing the win for the Patriots.

I drafted this petition demanding that Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledge that this call was wrong and to apologize to Steeler fans and NFL fans. A similar call was made for the Patriots in week three when the Pats came back and defeated the Houston Texans, 36-33. A replay review upheld the decision on the field that the call was a touchdown.

The NFL has lost sight of its own rules and I want Roger Goodell to acknowledge that. In a typical replay review, the call on the field stands unless there is indisputable video evidence to reverse the call.