If Illegal Aliens' Mafia Member Kevin M. McGuire, the Dept. of Social Services Commissioners around the Country, and the Illegal Aliens-Mafia Members working for the Social Security Administration Offices in our country don't stop the stealing of Citizens' Social Security Numbers, Identities, State Pensions, Medical Insurances, and Government-Benefits (as they have done with Luisa Oyarzun's), our Citizens and legal Immigrants will continue to be assassinated.  

The Illegals' Mafia will continue to buy our said benefits and impersonating us to get our state pensions and said benefits. They will continue to get our jobs (with our credentials), our homes, and everything we owe.    And, ultimately, will continue to kill us (just to keep our identities and everything that is ours).  

The Illegal Aliens' Mafia Members, who work as "Government-Employees," will continue to use our identities and said benefits as a PRIVATE BUSINESS and a private-Bank Account. They will continue to sell our social security numbers, identities, and benefits to the best buyers and leave us below the poverty-level (as they have done with millions of us, already. 


Letter to
Westchester’s' Dept. of Social "Services," its Housing, & Disability-Dept. Commissioner of Westchester Dept. of Social Services Kevin M. McGuire
The White House President Barack H. Obama
Office of the Governor New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
and 2 others
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Commissioner of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
United States Dept. of Health & Human Services: Office of Civil Rights Regional Commissioner/ President
Stop the stealing and selling of the benefits of cancer survivor Luisa Oyarzun & Other Citizens! Westchester Dept. of Social Service Commissioner Kevin M. McGuire and the Illegal Aliens mafia to which he belongs already ruined her credit, by refusing to use her New York State Straight Medicaid to pay her medical-bills (an obligation that the Westchester Dept. of Social Services-Employees have by job-description). You also made her more chronically ill by blocking her prescription drug pharmacies from filling her prescriptions and preventing her from getting her epilepsy-medication and her three-stomach-ulcers-medications (causing her tremendous, excruciating, pain and bleeding ulcers). In addition, you (Commission Kevin McGuire) have sent many Illegal Aliens, stalkers and paid-assassins--with the tax-payers' and the governments moneys-- to try to kill her; so you can stop her from telling the public what the commissioners and employees of the said Dept. of Social Services have done with her and her benefits. What else do you want? We pray for you every day, but we do want justice!