Stop DAY ROBBERY -Demand for fair fare in private bus for all days

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Demand to stop dynamic pricing of private bus fare. 

Need private bus fare regulatory act

Throughout the year same bus fare

Nanna Honnavar (R) would like to bring the issue into your notice that, as we observed from many years, all private bus operators of Karnataka were increasing 200 -300 % of private bus fare during all festival and public holidays including school summer holidays based on the locality. Which creating much inconvenience to all set of passengers including tourists.Also this is biggest financial burden to people who wants to travel with the family members.

This entire act looks like day robbery by private bus operators, The hike of price during festival season is totally unacceptable when distance, expanse of the trip, fuel efficiency of the vehicle is remain same.

Nanna Honnavar(R) requested with state ministers, also we have brought this problem with notice of CJ, High court of Karnataka during Ganesh Festival season.

Fare hike was noticed during genaral election, during Ganesh Festival, during Gandi Jayanthi, Which continued Dasara and upcoming Depaavali season as well.

The absence of private bus fare regulatory act in Karnataka and Influence of private bus operators looks major cause for all such dynamic pricing.

There are some instance were aviation price was lesser then this private bus price. 

Stop day robbery.

Request you to take action from government level and keep regulatory act which help to get fair price of travel in throughout the year. 

So that we can restrict this flow of wealth to private bus operators, also we can get more passengers to govt operated buses. 

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