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Require products containing artificial colorings to carry a warning label.

Most of Europe instituted a label requirement or outright ban for products containing artificial colors years ago. Companies responded by changing their recipes to not include artificial colorings, rather than frighten their customers away with scary warning labels. Yet these same companies are still selling the old, chemically colored formulations to the American public.

There are many studies showing the risks of ingesting artificial food colorings:

1. "Food additives and hyperactive behaviour in 3-year-old and 8/9-year-old children in the community: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial", Lancet, Sept 2007

2. 1997 Graduate Student Research Project conducted at the University of South Florida. Author: Richard W. Pressinger M.Ed.

3. "The Impact of a Low Food Additive and Sucrose Diet on Academic Performance in 803 New York City Public Schools," Schoenthaler SJ, Doraz WE, Wakefield JA, Int J Biosocial Res., 1986, 8(2); 185–195

4. Bateman, B. Archives of Disease in Childhood, June 2004; vol 89: pp 506-511.

More studies grouped by color can be found at

It is time for the American public to let the FDA, and the companies producing these products, know that we don't want these chemicals in our lives any more than Europeans do. They have already developed alternate formulations; it would be easy for those companies to start selling the European products in the American market. But if it takes a warning label in America to push them to give us the products we want, then so be it!

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