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The City of Chicago only has 12 public mental health clinics. This is not enough to meet demand, especially as the economy gets worse and more people need help. These clinics aren’t just for patients to get medicine, they are places where people have community, where people feel at home in their own neighborhoods or close by.

Shutting them down means saving now on services only to spend more later when patients end up in jail, on the street, in emergency rooms, or dead. And now The city budget would CLOSE 1/2 OF OUR MENTAL HEALTH CLINICS AND PRIVATIZE ALL OTHER CITY CLINICS!

This is not the first attempt to close Chicago public mental health clinics. In 2009, Chicago made billing errors and lost out on millions of dollars in state funding, causing them to try to close four south side mental health clinics all in already under-served communities. We had protests, town hall meetings, city council hearings and even a sit in at Mayor Daley’s office to stop the clinics from closing.

And now it's happening----and all to save 2.2 million from Chicago's over 6 BILLION DOLLAR budget.



Letter to
Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health Bechara Choucair, M.D.
Aldeman of 21st Ward Brookins, Jr., Howard
Alderman of 14th Ward Burke, Edward M.
and 36 others
Alderman of 4th Ward Burns, William D.
Alderwoman of 15th Ward Foulkes, Toni
Alderwoman of 18th Ward Lane, Lona
Alderowoman of 39th Ward Laurino, Margaret
Alderman of 33rd Ward Mell, Richard F.
Alderman of 22nd Ward Munoz, Ricardo
Alderman of 48th Ward Osterman, Harry
Alderwoman of 30th Ward Reboyras, Ariel
Alderman of 42nd Reilly, Brendan
Alderman of 31st Ward Suarez, Regner Ray
Alderwoman 17th Ward Thomas, Latasha R.
Alderman of 32nd Ward Waguespack, Scott
Alderman of 25th Ward Solis, Daniel
Alderman of 40th Ward Patrick J. O'Connor
Alderman of 11th Ward Balcer, James
Alderman of 9th Ward Beale, Anthony
Alderman of 23rd Ward Zalewski, Michael R.
Alderman of 44th Ward Tunney, Thomas
Alderwoman of 34th Ward Austin, Carrie M.
Alderman of 27th Ward Burnett, Jr., Walter
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Alderman of 12th Ward Cardenas, George A.
Alderman of 20th Ward Cochran, Willie
Alderman of 35th Ward Colón, Rey
Alderman of 3rd Ward Dowell, Pat
Alderman of 2nd Ward Fioretti, Bob
Alderwoman of 5th Ward Hairston, Leslie A.
Alderwoman of 8th Ward Harris, Michelle A.
Alderwoman of 7th Ward Jackson, Sandi
Alderman of 26th Ward Maldonado, Roberto
Alderwoman of 37th Ward Mitts, Emma
Alderman of 49th Ward Joseph A. Moore
Alderman of 1st Ward Moreno, Proco Joe
Alderman of 10th Ward Pope, John
Alderwoman of 16th Ward Thompson, Joann
Alderwoman of 29th ward Graham, Deborah L.
The City of Chicago only has 12 public mental health clinics, and the decision to close 6 of them and privatize the rest will have an extremely negative impact. Doing this will mean that the many people that depend on the medications, counseling, and other services our mental health clinics provide will have nowhere to go.

Shutting these clinics down means saving on services temporarily-----only to spend more later when patients end up in jail, on the street, in emergency rooms, or deceased. Suzanne Andriukaitis, the Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Chicago recently stated that it costs $500 a day to keep someone in a hospital, $70 a day to keep them in jail, and just $25 a day to provide them care in the community. Keeping Chicago's public mental health facilities open and public is the most affordable option for our budget.

The City of Chicago cannot afford cuts to it's public mental health facilities. A much better solution would be to leverage the yacht tax and to eliminate the newly acquired expenses & surveys from the Department of Health to aid in keeping these facilities open as proposed by the Illinois Nurses Association (INA), Southside Together Organizing for Power (STOP), and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

Only you as the Commissioner of Health, members of the Committee on Health & Environmental Protection, and members of the Committee on Finance have the power to ensure that the people that require the services and jobs of Chicago's public mental health facilities will be able to continue to utilize them.

Please, make sure our public mental health facilities stay operational and stay public.


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