Systematic Sugar Sale Invoices & E-way Bills Should Be Generated By Sugar Millers

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Respected Sirs,

We are writing on behalf of Sugar traders community.

Several sugar traders have thrown light on an issue that sugar millers are not following systematic invoicing methods due to which the traders of the sugar fraternity are suffering issues in compliance which results in traders having to pay penalties.

The issues are as follows:

1. Sugar millers have been asked to generate systematic invoice which contains details of:  

Bill to (Buyers Name) and Shipped to (consignee) 

2. Sugar Millers to generate E-Way bills for sugar supply

As it was decided during the 26th meeting of the GST Council held on 10th March 2018, that nationwide e-Way bill system for Inter-State movement of goods will be implemented w.e.f 1st April 2018 vide Notification- No/JC/BCP/EST/e-Way Bill/2017-18/B-489

The sugar millers (sender)  should generate E-way bill as per the guidelines of Commissioner of State Tax, Maharashtra State. Few millers are generating the proper sugar sale invoices but not making the e-way bills.   

The above two methods are not being followed by a few millers, therefore we urge you to kindly address the sugar millers around the state to abide the billing and e-way bill generation regulations and ensure that the channel of finances in the entire value chain remains smooth.

Shri.Shekhar Gaikwad,
Commissioner of Sugar - Maharashtra 

Shri.Sanjay Khatal,
M.D. - Maharashtra State Cooperative Sugar Factories Federation 

Shri.Prakash Naiknavare,
National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories 

Date: 02/10/2019, Mumbai