Build Police Station in Dalyellup NOT Capel

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We want the new police station built in Dalyellup, not Capel.

Within the Shire of Capel, Dalyellup has:

  • The largest population;
  • Greatest projected population growth; and
  • Highest crime rate.

Capel has:

  • The lowest population;
  • Lowest projected population growth; and
  • Lowest crime rate.

(Reference: State Government's Western Australia Tomorrow Population Report No 7).

Recently Council rejected a motion by Michael Southwell to consider including Dalyellup on a list of proposed locations for Police deliberation. As far as we are aware, no business case or cost-benefit analysis has been developed to support Coucil's decision to support the build in Capel. No reasoning or rationale has been tabled to explain this highly irrational decision. No community consultation has occurred.

Commissioner Dawson, our petition to you contains a simple request. Please direct your own hierarchy to identify the most appropriate location within the Shire of Capel within which to construct the new police station. Your organisation has the knowledge, experience and data to support or not support the construction of the police station in Dalyellup. The Shire of Capel Council does not have the knowledge, experience or data to make this very important determination.