Punish the sex offender(s) @ SRM

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The following message about serious sex offenses at the SRM Deemmed university, Chennai is spreading in social media.

"........Dear sir, A garbage man employed by the hostel masturbated in front of a 2nd year girl inside the M block hostel lifts at 3 pm on the 22nd of November which was immediately reported by the girl at the reception. She checked the CCTV footage and the man was identified by her. She was also told to stay mum about the matter and not publicise it by the hostel management.

However, despite this being a criminal offence, the police has still not been notified about the event. It is the belief of all the girls in the hostel that the management is responsible to file an FIR against said man. This event has taken place in the daylight inside the hostel so in light of the events that have taken place today, we need to ask you certain questions, if the campus is unsafe after 6:30 after which we are not allowed to leave the hostel premises, what are the measures that are being taken to ensure our security?

When arguing with the warden, the management had funny responses to our rightful protest like : 
a) this happened because you're a North Indian studying in a South Indian college b) girls in this hostel smoke and drink so they can't be arguing with the management regarding their own safety I hope you take immediate action against the injustice that has been caused. I got this message from SRM university student. They ask media help......"

The incident is said to have taken place around 3 pm in one of the blocks in the girls' hostel. The victim got into the elevator to reach the sixth floor when the worker pressed the button to the top-most floor. As soon as she walked into the lift, the worker unzipped his pants and stimulated himself in front of her. He blocked her way when she tried to get off on to the next floor. He let her go, only when she kept screaming, said a student, as published in the new Indian Express.

The problems are:

(1) Serious sexual offences had been committed at SRM campus against an innocent girl student. An attempted rape had taken place. Luckily the inocent victim had escaped.

(2) The students had identified the accused who is presently safeguarded by the SRM management. Will in public any such sex offender will be left scot-free? Why SRM managemnt is doing that shameful thing?

(3) SRM management had further harassed the innocent girl students by sexist remarks and frantically try to cover up the matter. Why the senior professors support an attempt rape to anyone who is not so different from their own daughter? Will you support a sexual harassment on your daughter to safeguard your job at SRM? What humans are you people?

The SRM managemnt should produce the accused to the Police and FIR should be loged in relevant sections in presence of students.

The SRM management should ask for unconditional apology in an open press meet for their offenses: trying to cover up the incident and making sexist remarks on students. Failing which they should be dealt with law.

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Myself K.M.Karthik is the Founder of all India Private Colleges Employees Union (the AIPCEU) and we the AIPCEU as a teacher forum with 20,000 engineering teachers as members nationwide, fight the atrocities against teachers and students at Private college/ universities managing trusts. Our recent fights were against the SNS College-Coimbatore's sexual harassments, Rowdyism at CSI College-Ooty, Forcing suicide of Professor at Sree Sastha College-Chennai, and so on....