Management of Azaan is solely Responsible for this Act

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I am a Parent of a student of Azaan School.

Feel very ashamed about the Rape incident of a 4 year old little girl.

May God protect her.

I had always observed that the School didn't have ample staff and where they needed 2-4  staff for a work they had only 1 -2. Like example usually each Class needs atleast 1 or 2 Ayaah's(Maid) to look after the Kids, they had 1 Ayaah(Maid) for the Whole Floor. 

It clearly showed how the School was saving a lot of money by not providing ample staff to look after the Kids.

On the day of the incident I had observed that usually the School opens the Gate at 12.30pm Sharp on Fridays. Unusually that day the Gate was opened by Jeelani at 12.40 and the teachers looked very worried and there faces showed some anxiety.

Scenario 1 - I think that the teachers knew already what happened because the little girl was Bleeding and had pain. And when the parents came and protested they were made to Ignore as If they didn't know what had happened. Till this time they might have consulted there Lawyers how to cover up the Whole Issue. 

Scenario 2 - The School has the attitude of no hear policy when any parent comes to complain about any issue. They give a Damn what we say and they have a habit of not accepting their fault. 

I urge all the Parents to teach the Management a lesson and not send your Kids to this School. (I would personally feel very shameful to send my kids to this School). 

And we will together file a petition and take our School Fees and Donation Back from the School with a Remuneration.