Want justice for my innocent father

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My father has been trapped by 2 girl, whose age is below 18, under section 354 34 ipc, 10 pasco, sc/st 3(1),3(2), and v(k). It is all happeing becuase of money, there are few small political leader who are demanding for money from us to close the case. My father is well know teacher and his age is 53 years. He did not have a single black spot in his career. Whole village is in my favour of my father becuase they know everything that my father has done nothing wrong. Everday day they are demanding for money. You know very well that under this sections its very difficult to get bail. When we had discussed with police station incharge , he told that i can not do anything becuase i have some political pressure. Girls are saying my father did something with them 3 years back. There was already one investigation took place by the block education office , under which my father found to be innocent. These days courts are very strict in such cases , so its very difficult to get bail. We have lost all our hopes.
We tried for bail in session court, but now court does not hear anything, ispite of having proof for everything we are getting justice. One innocent man , whose whole life was dedicated to make future good of each student, without any single black spot, he is in jail. My whole family is in deep sorrow. I left my job to just support my mom.
We have lost all our hopes , becuase even police is not doing clear investigation. They arrested my father , without lodging any FIR, i need your support to have clear investigation on this case to give justice to my father.
Saurabh dixena