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Prosecution or sectioning of two mentally ill stalkers, abusers, attempted child kidnap

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Please click the links above to witness for yourself the abuse, stalking and actual violence towards numerous victims. 

Two well known ladies (mother and daughter) from  crouch End London N4, are harassing, stalking families, creating lies and vicious rumours about people saying they are stealing their children, and they will do anything to get their children back.  They are using violence and social media.


Not only accusing people of child theft but are stealing photos of other people's children, and adding these innocent families into grooming and abuse groups. They are posting personal details of children, like date of births and full names, which is incredibly dangerous.

They know way to much about people's person details, including mine, even including my new born son. 

The ladies names are vivenne France-Stewart (Vivienne murdoch on facebook) and her daughter tyga jean johnson.  They have recently attacked gemma fox with crazy accusations as above. Vivenne has groomed her daughter into working with her and they are both, complete stalkers and dangerous fictitious liars, causing many people distress, harm, and disorder. 

Facebook has been contacted hundreds of times and all the people who have reported not only the profile but the posts are shocked and stunned that facebook will do nothing, saying it doesn't break the guidelines. ??? 

Since posting what has happened to me and my family I have been contacted by another 6 families who have been attacked, accused. 

A lady has come forward (N) wants to keep secret, and said Vivienne has done this to her and claimed she had stolen her son. Vivenne then found where the family lived and came to the house booting the family door, and screaming for her son which is lot hers. The police came and they only have her a warning.  Happened again and they said they would issue her with a "merlyn" warning which is to be sectioned but this never happened. The police, I'm sorry to say really let this family down. The family have had to move. 

Last night, 3 weeks after this petition was made (amended today 10th July) the lady above was seen in her car with her daughter by vivenne and Vivienne attacked the car and the lady and tried to take and assault the child. The husband tried to help his family yet he has been arrested??? If the police had done their job numerous time or even 3 weeks ago, this would never have happened. 

Another lady came forward,  and said they also done it to her and also accused her son of rape, ans the police were involved for the false accusations of her son, but again, nothing was done to these women and the police done nothing. Posters have been posted around crouch end warning people of these two people, and how dangerous they are and to call the police. 

Now they doing it to me and my family and they are threatening to take my children, and I'm scared for my daughter and new born son. They are slandering my name, defimation of character and threats, child theft, abuse and harassment.  What do they want my children for? Any of our children for? Abuse? Sexual exploitation? 

I really need, as many names as possible to support us and the previous victims and future  victims before something serious happens and a child is hurt or abducted, or someone is, even them, as they have affected way to many people's lives in a serious way.  Justice MUST be done. 

I have contacted not only the police numerous times and have a list of crime reference numbers, I have also contacted camden, islington, haringey and hackney adult services and mental health teams who offered no support or help, disgusting 

I am now rounding up all victims and we are coming together and making a large point around this, I am waiting to hear back from Keir Stermer local MP from St Pancras, and have contacted the sun newspaper who I have sent this petition to advising of the lack of support from authorities, who are endangering our lives and our children. 

They both pose a high risk to the public and ans children and themselves. They clearly need to be sectioned and prosecuted.  

The police have done nothing for the previous victims, who have had to move, as well as the other victims, and are currently not supporting me as much as I think they should. I will not let this carry on. 

I am disgusted that so many people on facebook have reported them, and I have been screen the proof and facebook has done. Itching. Disgusting disrespect for dangerous situations. 

Another young girl was followed to and from work at Waitrose in crouch end and now has been put in sick leave by the company as she is to scared to go to work. Waitrose have banned these two women from the store 

Another victims family put up posters in crouch end warning the public to not approach these two women and to call police, 

Enough is enough. Get the two women, sectioned and prosecuted NOW.   The authorities are failing us, the public massively and we must act together before someone or a child gets taken or seriously hurt. 

please share and sign and stop these abusers 

I will be streaming live on facebook when I get the chance to be interviewed by police 

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