Arrest Insurance Policy Fraudsters at SB Insurance Brokers

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4 people from SB Insurance Brokers called me and proposed hdfc sanchay plan with a medical card benefit with it. I purchased it. Then he asked me to buy hdfc classic assure plan and promised a scooty as a gift with policy. They then asked me to buy 2 more policies from India Insurance and Future Generali and promised 4 lakhs dividend from hdfc.  In total, they made me buy policies worth 3 lakhs but I never got any medical card, scooty or dividend. Every time I called, they made excuses and made me believe that my gifts are pending some approval or paperwork.

Names of people involved are:

Kamlesh Chauhan                                     Akash Wadhwa                                       Gaurav Walia                                         Harshita

Phone number they called from are:

+91 95602 96325                                                +91 95602 06989                                        +91 96 50 604565                                       +91 98 18 966085                                        +91 85859 97836

Now they have stopped responding to my calls. They must be scamming a lot of people. I request IRDA to do something about these people selling fake insurance policies and police must arrest them and take action.

As a proof, I have audio recording of a call between me and Kamlesh where he promised me to pay Dividend.