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Asking NY State to Reassess its New Restrictions on Packages for Inmates

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Dear Hon. Anthony J. Annucci; Commissioner of New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS)

We the undersigned are writing to you regarding Directive 4911-A which is already on tryout at a few facilities in the DOCCS system.

Under this directive, new restrictions are placed on the amount and type of food and clothing that inmates can receive every month, and many personal belongings are completely banned. In addition, in the past families were able to send items from open sources; now they are restricted to specific vendors. In the past families were permitted to send 35 lbs. of content per month for their loved ones; now the monthly total has been reduced and weight per package has also been cut (to 8 pounds).

While the changes and limits may seem marginal to those on the outside, the well-being of those incarcerated will be negatively impacted in the long-term; increasing the chance of challenging moments within the facilities for staff and inmates. The directive will also have a negative impact on family members who will now need to spend more time and more resources to send important items; thus, adding extreme hardship to families already struggling to live with the mistakes of their relatives.

For years you have done a fine job running the DOCCS without these restrictions in place. Please consider reassessing how the safety of facility staff, the well-being of inmates and the time/resources of families can all be addressed without one of them suffering due to the other.

Thank you.

P.S. This petition is also being sent to lawmakers with oversight on the DOCCS. Hopefully, a better route than the one being tested can be adapted.

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