Remove the corrupt RaSP commander!

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Ok then, on the second of August the newly appointed commander of RaSP (the old commander was good he had done nothing wrong) decided he would do a vote to remove 3 people that had done nothing wrong (including me) he held this vote to anyone literally anyone. Me (Luca2490) Prisoner and Leeisepic had the highest votes. I had 4 people voting against me. Immediately he kicked me and the other two from the group, no demotion or in-training rank given, just a kick. For some reason, I was also kicked from the discord, along with Prisoner.

I feel this is just corrupt, and not only does he do this, he also continued to replace me and the other UC's with unqualified people who had done nothing to earn this rank like I had done. This is all unnecessary and a stupid mistake by the commissioner who free ranked this corrupt commander in the first place.

This needs to be fixed asap before the new commander makes RaSP even more corrupt than he's already made it is. The commander is called WilliamJPerry. Thank you for reading this, I'll be updating you all if anything happens. Sign this today to remove this corrupt commander!