Change Texas Policy on Dyslexia Align with IDEA Child Find

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Texas Families of Students with Dyslexia are being denied information about their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act. Texas state policy is crafted in a way to keep dyslexic students from enforceable educational interventions by routing Dyslexia identification processes away from the states Child Find obligations under IDEA through a series of state created policy documents.

​Texas over reliance on 504 evaluations for Dyslexia must Stop! This practice is effectively removing parents legal rights to make decisions and work as part of the school team that ensures their student gets what they need to be successful. Texas 504 first policy is interfering with Texas families ability to collaborate in a meaningful way with their campus then had their student been evaluated under IDEA law.  

State policy must change to be clear, 

The evaluation process for students with dyslexia must start under IDEA Child Find like any other disability. It is through this starting point and information that a Full Initial Educational Evaluation provides that parents can truly chose the pathway (504 or IDEA) that they feel meets their students needs best.

Parents rights to participate in Initial ARD team decision must be restored.  Sign on to support The Letter to OSEP on behalf of Texas Dyslexia Groups and Non Profits.