The city of Baltimore should save the childhood home of Cab and Blanche Calloway.

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Peter Brooks
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The childhood home of Blanche and Cabell Calloway is a valuable asset.  Black History was made there.  The city should use that to help people in that community. Most people don't even know the history of Blanche and Cab Calloway.  They have intentionally been cut off for whatever reason.  However, if people from this one of the most ridiculed and poorest neighborhoods in America knew that this incredible star was a neighbor of theirs, it will inspire them to be more proud of themselves, their neighborhood and their history.  What happens to people who lose their history?  Why did Baltimore demolish the homes of all its other African-American stars like Billie Holiday, Chick Webb, Eubie Blake, and the Royal Theater?   We have to stop this from happening.  We have to do what we can to help one another.  We have to make our history come alive to inspire a better tomorrow.