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Reopen enrollment of TNVA students and allow the current 600 newly enrolled students to be allowed to attend TNVA this school year.

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TNVA is Tennessee's first online free public school.  TNVA offers every student an individualized free and appropriate public education.  The teachers at TNVA are certified and highly qualified teachers who give above and beyond what is expected daily offering students one on one teaching, small groups and the latest top notch education.  All students are welcome at TNVA and our population is very diverse.  We have students that are gifted that were bored in traditional brick and mortar.  We have chidlren with Autism/Aspergers diagnosis. They are very successful at our school because they can learn in an environment where they are not overstimulated.  We have health impared students, students from all ethnicities, average students and the list goes on and on.  TNVA has show growth and proven that after a child enrolls in TNVA and we work with them past their first year they make significant gains.  What the Commissioner of Education, Kevin Huffman, is forcing on TNVA is for us to unenroll the 626 students that legally enrolled in our school over the summer.  He is also askin that we close enrollment for any other new studnets that may need us.  This will inevitably cut off our lifeline and smother our school out of exsistance.  Every parent has the right to choose and Mr, Huffman is taking away our rights.


Public school options should be the right of every tax paying family that lives in the United States of America.  To close enrollment of a school, when significant progress is being made, for political gain is Un-American.  As parents we need options for our children, not every child is designed to attend a traditional brick and mortar school and not every brick and mortar school is equipped to teach all children.  TNVA has a very diverse population of students.  There are gifted students who were not challenged in brick and mortar.  Students who were bullied severely, students who have health and emotional issues that prevent them from attending a traditional brick and mortar.  Or in the case of my son who has mild Asperger’s syndrome and our district had nothing to offer this very bright gifted child because of his differences.  It is clearly discrimination by not offering parents the choice for their children.  TNVA is not a failing school it is clearly a thriving school and this seems to bother Commissioner Huffman.  In fact is this move truly in the best interest of the students or of big government and special interest?  Please sign this petition asking Commissioner Huffman to drop his political interest and pick up the best interest of each and every student in the state of Tennessee.  Share this with everyone you know because as Americans we have a voice!  Be part of the change you want to see in Tennessee!!!

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