Lower the BAC limit to 0.05%

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By lowering the BAC limit to 0.05 percent it would lower the number of deaths that are caused due to drinking and driving. As previously mentioned the number of deaths per year is over 10,000 people. Lowering the blood alcohol concentration will save as many as most of the evidence is pretty firm that 0.05 laws save lives, and probably could reduce the number of deaths each year by about 10 percent (Study: Lowering Legal Blood Alcohol Level To 0.05 Could Save Lives., 2018). The feasibility of this actually being done is most likely because other states like Utah have already lowered their BAC limit to 0.05 and have seen an improvement. When Australia dropped its blood alcohol level to 0.05 percent, there was a 5 percent to 18 percent drop in traffic fatalities in various areas, according to the NTSB (Lee, 2013). For the United States lowering the limit could save about 500 to 800 lives annually (Lee, 2013). The Minnesota legislature would have to sign off of on the bill in order for the policy to pass.