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Arsenic and lead consumption can result in serious health problems, yet shockingly there is no limit on the amount of these chemicals in juice drinks. 

These drinks are a favorite among America’s children, which is why we need to limit these chemicals in juice, just like we limit them in drinking water.

A new investigation by Consumer Reports found that roughly 10 percent of the apple and grape juice we sampled had arsenic levels exceeding federal drinking water standards. And one in four had lead levels higher than the bottled water limit.

It’s time the Food and Drug Administration sets a limit for arsenic and lead in fruit juices. Tell the Commissioner to act now, and start protecting America’s kids from these harmful chemicals.

Letter to
Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration Margaret Hamburg
Please immediately set a standard for arsenic and lead in fruit juice so that my family can consume juice more safely.

Consumer Reports found in recent tests of 88 apple and grape juice samples that 10 percent exceeded federal drinking and bottled water standards for arsenic. Fully 25 percent exceed the bottled water standard for lead.

Children are at more risk from these chemicals because of their small size and higher consumption of these types of juices. And mounting scientific evidence suggests that chronic exposure to arsenic and lead at levels below water standards can result in serious health problems.

I ask you to adopt Consumer Reports' recommended standard of 3 parts per billion of arsenic, and 5 parts per billion of lead, for juice drinks immediately.

These steps will help protect our families from the health risks of these dangerous chemicals. Thank you.


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