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Commissioner Bud Selig: Tell Our Baseball Players It's O.K. To Be Gay

My name is Sean Chapin. I’m a baseball fan, and I’m also gay - and I’m concerned about what it means to be gay in baseball.

Last year, I encouraged the Giants to say “It Gets Better” to LGBT youth, which inspired seven more teams to join the It Gets Better Project. And later in the year, Major League Baseball adopted an anti-gay discrimination protection policy for their players. Indeed, baseball has come a long way in batting against homophobia.

But I’m here to say that the only way win that game is to truly allow the players to come out of the closet and play the sport as openly gay or straight.

I just read about an alleged extortion plot involving a gay relationship with a player. I don’t know how much truth is behind the attempt. And regardless of the player’s orientation, his right to privacy should always be respected.

Yet what I do know is that something isn’t right when there are no openly gay players in all of Major League Baseball.

So that’s why I am calling on the commissioner, Bud Selig, to step up to the plate and help put an end to this homophobia once and for all - to let our baseball players know that they will be fully supported and protected by Major League Baseball if they’re gay and want to come out of the closet. And one day, a player will finally come out as openly gay, and be able to play the game with the freedom and honesty that other players takes for granted.

No one wins when we are pulled back from actions like this extortion attempt. But everyone wins when we push forward together with dignity and courage. Like when the San Francisco Giants made an It Gets Better video. And when baseball adopted anti-gay discrimination protection.

It’s time for Bud Selig to do the right thing and lead baseball away from the closet and toward full LGBT acceptance. And it’s time for all of us to give our full support for true freedom and equality in the sport, for the players and for the fans. Please sign and share this petition, and help take the closet away from Major League Baseball.

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    Rob Manfred

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