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Allowing waterways to be contaminated with raw sewage is not only bad for the animals that live in the water, but anyone who touches the water by splashing, kayaking, swimming, or fishing can get terribly sick.

Letter to
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin
State of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
I applaud the State of New Jersey’s finally issuing individual permits for combined sewer outfalls, the first step towards bringing New Jersey into compliance with federal law. Please ensure that these new permits accomplish their goals by requiring that the draft permits are adopted and ensuring that permittees implement the required Long Term Control Plans.

Additionally, in order to protect public health, the new permits should require immediate public notification of sewage discharges. The public deserves to know when they are swimming, fishing, or kayaking in raw sewage and the permits take this important step towards keeping the public safe.

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