#LeaveNoOneBehind: Fermiamo la catastrofe di COVID-19 ora - anche alle frontiere

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#LeaveNoOneBehind: Donate now to support Refugees and spread the word

Corona affects those, who are already having a hard time anyway, e.g. refugees at EU´s external borders. The virus doesn´t care about skin colour, religion or gender.

As long as the EU Commission and the EU governments do not react appropriately, it´s up to volunteers, small initiatives, some of which have been standing in for years on the Greek islands, where Europe is failing:

With your donation, you can help them to prevent the worst from happening. We will #LeaveNoOneBehind. 

Alongside with our campaign, the effort to raise funds is intended to support initiatives on the ground which, until then, are trying to prevent the worst from happening. 

If you are willing and able to help with donations you can do so here: www.leavenoonebehind2020.org/donate

About the Civil Sea Rescue Foundation Fund: The Foundation Fund Civil Sea Rescue was originally established to support civil sea rescue. However, projects that support refugees, for example on the Greek islands or in Greece, can also be eligible for funding. 

A foundation board decides unbureaucratically and transparent on the allocation of funds, so that it is ensured that the donations arrive directly where they are most urgently needed. Surplus funds from this campaign remain in the Foundation's Civil Sea Rescue Fund and are used for projects in accordance with the funding guidelines.

1 year ago