Turn OFF each candidate's mic while the other speaks in the next presidential debates.

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In a debate, each candidate should be able to speak. If you support an environment for a proper debate, please sign to ask the Commission on Presidential Debates to TURN OFF each candidate's mic in the upcoming debates while the other candidate is speaking (for the initial allotted portion of "uninterrupted time") so that each candidate has an opportunity to explain their platform or respond to the respective question without interruption. 

The American people, as they listen to these debates planning and choosing how to cast their vote for president of the United States, should be able to hear each candidate speak on their platforms and answer the questions being posed. As shown in the first presidential debate, a moderator is not enough to mitigate behavior and interruptions by candidates. The Commission on Presidential Debates should respect and enforce the agreed upon rules and facilitate a proper debate environment, and to do so, both candidates must be able to speak and be heard. 

If compelled, please individually feel free to reach out to the Commission on Presidential Debates at media@debates.org or (202) 872-1020. Thank you for lending your voice!