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Do not allow Tagg Romney to attend the Final Presidential Debate

Tagg Romney, the son of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney should not be allowed to attend the final Presidential Debate on Monday. Tagg Romney in a radio interview stated that he wanted to "rush down to the debate stage and take a "swing" at President Obama. Regardless of his claim that he was just figuratively describing his frustration at the October 16th Presidential debate, Tagg's comment threatened the President of the United States of America and regardless of the current campaign, that is wholly unacceptable.

Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871[1]. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making "any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States".

Right now, Barack Obama is the President of the United States and should be treated with the respect the office demands and Tagg Romney has not afforded the position that respect. His comments were outrageous and he should be denied the right to attend the final Presidential Debate.


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