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Commission on Judicial Performance: Remove Commissioner Kirtland L. Mahlum from office

Commissioner Mahlum has ignored the law and is making judgments on his own belief ruling against California Family Code Section 3040 ...shall not prefer a parent as custodian because of that parent's sex, Section 3046... the party maintains, or makes reasonable efforts to maintain, regular contact with the child, Section 3047... A party's absence, relocation...shall not, by itself, be sufficient to justify a modification of a custody or visitation order if the reason for the absence, relocation...activation to military duty... mobilization in support of combat or other military operation, or military deployment out of state, ruled against an expert forensic child custody evaluation (EC 730), denied testimony, forced a hearing to end based on time and made a ruling, made statements that he was a "traditional man", "marriage is between a man and a woman", "the child needs a father figure" in a case where a recommended sole custody (by two mediators and an expert court appointed psychologist) lesbian mother was trying to fight for the custody of her children who were ripped away from her due to a military deployment, who prior to deployment already had sole custody.

Anica Hood vs. Adrian Hood - FAMBS700357

Commissioner Kirtland L. Mahlum "I have very little respect for governmenmt in general." (pg 61 line 21 of the Reporter's transcript of oral proceedings 6/30/2011)

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  • Remove Commissioner Kirtland L. Mahlum from office

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