Impeach Peter L Fuge for ruling for the abuser

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I'm a journalist that typically covers stories dealing with crime and justice. I saw a story on Contently entitled, "Judging the Judicial System." It was a wonderful longform piece, and I'd like to pitch a story to you about another case of what appears to a be corrupt judge whose actions are harming mothers and their children.
A lady from South Carolina, Ms. Pidanick, recently contacted me about an ongoing situation that seems to be a extreme case of judicial misconduct. She's sent me a number of court records, and she's found around a number of witnesses who not only corroborate her story, but claim it's happened to them as well.
The back story: Beaufort County, South Carolina,  family court Judge Peter L Fuge is being accused of using a kick back system, where he takes the side of the party who has the most money and/or is connected to him or someone he knows.
This behavior, according to Pidanick, has resulted in many women losing their domestic violence cases and child protection lawsuits. He simply will not follow the law. Children are allegedly being sent to visit fathers with a history of violence. She filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend after he smacked their infant daughter so hard that it left a large welt across her eye (there are photos).
Pidanick's ex is a wealthy man with strong ties to the judicial system within the community. Needless to say, Pidanick lost the case, and her ex still has rights to the child. Pidanick filed a lawsuit against Fuge, accusing him of violating her First, Fifth, and Eighth Constitutional rights. The problem, however, is that she had to file against him in a county in which the majority of attorneys are scared to go against him for fear of losing their jobs,  And women are afriad to speak out because Judge Fuge threatens to take children away if they fight back.

"Our temporary hearing with judge Peter Fuge , he didn't allow me to speak. He opened my divorce fills to gain evidence against me when I was asking to protect my child. Fuge reduced my support and called me a whining girl just after money and gave The ex now convicted on Criminal Domestic Violence , visitation of our daughter".