Investigate ExxonMobil for lying about climate change

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Hello, I am so happy to hear that the Commission opened the world's first national human rights investigation into the big polluters on International Human Rights Day - December 10. This investigation is happening because of all the hard work we have done demanding climate justice. We really did it! No officials have ever run this type of investigation before. This means that running the investigation could be a challenge for the Commission. I am very thankful that despite these challenges, the Commission has made our the investigation a priority and are moving forward. To Chair Chito, the head of the Commission - thank you. He and the rest of his colleagues are new to the Commission - they just joined the Commission in June. While they are new to the job they have tried their best to look into our demands and welcomed the challenge this brings. Thanks again to you for signing on and making this happen. we will be sure to update you as the investigation unfolds. Sincerely, Elma

Elma Reyes and Greenpeace Southeast Asia
5 years ago