Make Jejomar Contawe reimburse all expenses paid by the government for his education.

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 Jejomar Contawe, a new graduate of Tarlac State University became viral overnight after his photos landed in the internet showing his claim that he was a scholar of the Filipino People and not by the F*cking Government.

As a tax payer and a loyal citizen of the Philippines, I find his lack of gratitude towards the Government very appalling. Further,  he failed to recognize that its was indeed the work of this Government that taxes collected and given by the Filipino people were properly funneled into state universities so that "DESERVING" youth would get quality  tertiary education. It was appalling and in-gratuitous  for an individual to call the very institution that paved way for free  and quality education as a mere F*CK in HIS OPINION!

Well, Mr. Jejomar Contawe, due to your in-gratuitous and appalling attitude towards the government, we the Filipino people who continuously contributes and support this Government, so that order and benefits wished by the Filipino people are distributed and given, do so believe that you do not deserve the education paid for by tax payers through the Government.

Hence, we demand that you REIMBURSE the government  every cent paid for by the people through the Government for the education you were afforded.

Linda Gabisan
11 months ago