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We, the Filipino people, condemn the widespread cases of fraud, violence, anomalies and lack of transparency that plagued the May 2019 midterm elections.

We consider the recently concluded elections as one of the dirtiest and bloodiest that we have witnessed thus far. Government machinery and people’s funds were mobilized for the campaign of administration-backed candidates. Depicted to dominate the race are senatorial candidates who are known plunderers and murderers detested by the people, and bogus, trapo-backed party-lists that do not genuinely represent any marginalized sector.

We denounce how the current administration, with its own set of endorsed candidates, employed the military and police to campaign against rival candidates. This is a stark reality especially with Martial Law in Mindanao and the declaration of state of lawlessness in other regions. State agents themselves could replace teachers as election officers despite being part of the same institutions that intimidated, threatened and killed citizens supporting progressive candidates.

We decry the dubious irregularities that marred the elections. Countless reported cases of pre-shading, vote mismatching, rejected ballots, malfunction of numerous vote-counting machines (VCMs) and SD cards, and glitches in transmission spoil the integrity of the whole elections.

We believe that this is beyond coincidence. What transpired throughout the election process highly favors the Duterte administration that is seeking to control the Senate, House of Representatives and other key institutions to forward its own vested interests.     

We simply cannot recognize the legitimacy of the results of this anomalous and unreliable election process, which is very far from the truly democratic, clean and honest elections that we all aspire.

We forward the following demands:

1. hold the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) accountable for the anomalies in the whole election process

2. oblige the COMELEC to fully bare the process to election watchdogs and computer analysts, and explain the delays in transmission of votes from polling precincts to the national level

3. authorize the launch of an independent investigation of all election irregularities

We pledge to work collectively to uphold the democratic right of Filipinos to register our voice and decide for the nation.

We shall not concede and move on. The fight continues!