Commission into bullying and harassment within the NSW Police Force

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The New South Wales Police Force has a systemic issue in regards to bullying and harassment within the organisation. Since the Wood Royal Commission corrupt and dishonest Police Officers have only become more "covert" in their misconduct.

All officers are taught whilst at NSW Police Academy that they are to act in an integral and ethical manner and there is even a subject dedicated to "ethics" defining the Police Act 1990, Code of Conduct and Statement of Values. 

My performance was not an issue within the organisation and I would work harder to negate the bullies. I joined the NSW Police Force to "serve and protect" the community and stood by the Police Act 1990, Code of Conduct and Statement of Values as if my life depended on them. I always set out to do what was integral and ethical. 

From my experience and lengthy documentation of bullying and harassment over the past four years within the organisation I can safely say I am now a full blown target. To report misconduct is signing your own end to your career within the organisation.

I documented a 25 page complaint in September 2016, due to extensive bullying and harassment and as I had forecast it was "swept under the carpet". Recently after involving the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission it has been found my complaint wasn't even uploaded to the Police complaints management system (as per the Police Act 1990, this is a breach of the act, amongst a myriad of other breaches) therefore  no investigation was undertaken. This is only one example amongst my very well documented complaint which was in turn leaked and saw me bullied further. 

After another episode of bullying which was instigated by what I believe was reprisal I was targeted further. Again, no action was taken in regards to my well documented second complaint and the NSWPF have been awarded a THIRD (by the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission) attempt to investigate my aging complaints. 

I asked and asked for help and would often feel nauseous going to work and out right frightened as to what my colleagues would say and do to me on shift.

A few months after I was subjected to having to involve the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (through NSWPF Professional Standards incompetence) I moved to a new unit. A fresh start some would believe, this was not to be and I was subjected to a new kind of bully "the Psychopath". In brief the new bully had made it known that I was "too pretty" to stay at the location, the bully would check the size of my clothing when I left the room, check what I was eating and repeatedly talk about me to a colleague to and from work. These alleged conversations were about my physical attributes and it was reported back to me as "obsessive" and "concerning".

I was placed in an awful and confronting position earlier in the year where the bully stated whilst at work that they wanted to take their own life. After that admission from the bully it was my role as a Police Officer to schedule the bully under section 22 of the Mental Health Act 2007. I was too intimidated and scared of the reprisial (as the bully was senior to me) if I had used my Police power under the act and reported it to a colleague instead.

The following day the bully brought into work a number of "pills" to end their life at work. I question why this was not reported higher by my managers and why the bully was not scheduled under the Mental Health Act 2007. 

The bullying ramped up their bullying behaviour after this incident and the bullies behaviour became worse. I was in fear of what the bully would do to me as they had the power to end my career in that unit. I have to say I was looking over my shoulder every day and I was frightened of what they may do given their clear mental imbalance which failed to be addressed. The bully stays and and as always the "whistle blower" is moved or managed out. 

I reported the bullies behaviour to another unit within the same command as it was starting to effect me severely mentally. I had already endured my fair share of abuse and isolation at my previous command which had shaken me up given the lack of support by my employer. The boss of the unit was contacted and in turn the bully was contacted who then contacted me via telephone. To say I was in fear of answering that phone call and the wrath which was to follow is an understatement. 

The NSWPF state they have a "Respectful Workplace" policy however, I can say it is not effective. The NSWPF have a unit called "Professional Standards" and I can say from experience there is nothing "Professional" or any such "Standards" about them. I am and was a dedicated Police Officer who had so much drive and purpose for my job. I now, because of constant bullying and harassment and lack of being listened to may have a shortened career despite my competence as an officer.

The bullying and harassment which I have endured has left me disappointed, frustrated and most of all it has sucked the life out of me. No one listened to me despite my constant crys for help within the organisation.

I can honestly say it was never the jobs on the street that effected me, it was the constant bullying and harassment internally and the fact my complaints went no where. 

In the end I had to report the misconduct and maladministration to another body outside the NSWPF. I have absolutely no faith in the organisation and their management and insuring a safe working environment for their officers.

There has been a parliamentary inquiry into bullying and harassment within the NSW emergency services initiated by MP; David Shoebridge. There have been over 100 submissions by past and present NSW Police Officers in regards to their own experiences of bullying and harassment. 

There are many more officers out there who simply cannot bring themselves to reporting misconduct and maladministation due to fear of reprisal. 

I seek positive change and support to order a new Commission into bullying and harassment within the New South Wales Police Force. 

'Nothing changes if nothing changes'