Remove Commissioners Joe Barnabei and Jeff Davis From The Hancock County Commission

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As a resident of Hancock County WV, do you approve of your county tax dollars being used to destroy shelter animals as a cost control method? As a taxpayer, does it make sense to you that taxpayers should pay double what it cost us when the county animal shelter was operated by a nonprofit? Do you agree with thousands of your dollars going to pay overtime for county employees asked to manage the shelter?

WE MUST ACT NOW to remove Commissioner Barnabei and Commissioner Davis.

By signing this petition, the citizens of Hancock County, W.Va. ask for the removal of Commissioner Joe Barnabei and Commissioner Jeff Davis for the following reasons:

  • Willful waste of taxpayer dollars
  • Official misconduct by not adhering to and executing W Va law
  • Appointing and/or retaining incompetent persons
  • Financial mismanagement though ignorance and inattention
  • Failing to adequately supervise the general management of the fiscal affairs and business of Hancock County
  • Making false statements to television and paper media to manipulate public support
  • Offering county positions prior to the positions being publicly advertised or approved by the Commission

The June 2016 decision made by Commissioner Barnabei and Commissioner Davis to assume operation of the county animal shelter has resulted in Hancock County residents paying close to $200,000 annually in additional tax dollars for the operation of the animal shelter and this is just one example of these commissioners wasting county tax dollars by bad decisions.

Did you know that all excess levies contain statements directing taxes raised over the levy amount be directed to the Commission General Fund? The Commission was asked to direct all money raised for an excess levy go to the excess levy cause, but no changes have been implemented.

Hancock County can not afford to wait until these commissioners are up for re-election but must act now. Please indicate your support for removal of Commissioner Joe Barnabei and Commissioner Jeff Davis by signing this petition.