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Enforce Presidential and Partisan Debate Time Limits Now

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We have a right to more organized and sophisticated presidential debates than we are currently witnessing. Therefore, we implore the Commission on Presidential Debates to change the Presidential debate rules, and the partisan debate hosts (such as CNN, FOX, PBS, and NBC) to change the partisan debate rules. We request that when a candidate’s allotted time for a statement or a rebuttal is concluded, their microphone is TURNED OFF. This will ensure no candidate exceeds their limit (see the following clips) and will compel candidates to be more succinct throughout the debate.  
In this clip, the rules of the debate are clearly stated (3:36 to 4:31). In the same debate; however, Governor Kasich continues to speak when the bell sounds (9:30 to 9:40). Governor Kasich was not the only one to do this. In the same debate, Senator Cruz exceeded the limit as well (44:10 to 44:20). If the candidates agree on a time limit beforehand, they ought to be held to said time limit. 
In this clip, Secretary Clinton exceeds her 30 seconds of allotted time for a follow up question (1:03:56 to 1:04:41), even though the rules are clearly stated at the beginning of the debate (7:08 to 7:52). 

These two video clips (while countless others exist) show that candidates are frequently exceeding their time limit which is disrupting the flow of the debates. 

Please, join us in changing how Presidential and partisan debates are run before the biggest debates of this election cycle come to pass.  

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