Tell COMMINSURE to act with integrity and to honour claims!

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In Feb 2018 our home sustained damages from a localised tornado. The roof was damaged as well as minor interior damage. A claim was made from CommInsure and that’s where the nightmare began. CommInsure had to be repeatedly chased up for information and at times phones calls to them were placed on hold for 1hr and 32 minutes before being able to speak with unhelpful and ill-informed members of staff. A specialist roofer was sent to assess the damage and make the roof safe. The roofer attended on 5 occasions because the tarps repeatedly became dislodged and allowed water to ingress the home. The SES also attended the property. A building assessor from CommInsure’s Claim Central eventually turned up several days post incident. Eventually the claim was denied and the Assessors report cited defects, structural or design faults, faulty workmanship or faulty design. Additionally it cited wear and tear and lack of maintenance including rust, corrosion and deterioration. The report also stated that it was a full and detailed inspection, the house was 41 – 50 years old, was of brick veneer, construction, and the home was 250 square metres. There are a lot of other erroneous statements and on checking the Product Disclosure statement, I realised that CommInsure was applying clauses 1 and 4 (on pg 75) of the General Exclusions. These clauses are routinely used to deny claims because in my opinion, they are the ones that can cause the lengthiest delays and the most inconvenience to the insured to the extent where the Insured gives up.

The statements in the report are absolutely false to the extent that I’m highly suspicious that there is fraudulent intent in making them. Further, the Assessors have provided no evidence to support their statements and I have pointed this out to the Manager of Customer Resolutions at CommBank CommInsure. Now 4 months later, CommInsure and their partners are attempting to collude and find information which should have been contained in the reports before they arrived at their determination, and most certainly before the Claim was declined and the report containing the false statements forwarded to the Insured.

CommInsure mentions Standards, however, the mention of Standards by themselves does not equate to a Breach of the Standard. Any allegation of a breach of Standards must be proven and supported by documentary evidence and one would expect the Assessors and CommInsure /CommBank to be fully aware of this.

Reviews have been undertaken of Commonwealth Bank Home Insurance and the in main, the common theme from the reviewers is that of an organisation of questionable practices, lack of honesty and /or integrity, indifference, lack of accountability, poor customer relations, possible corrupt organisation, dodgy building partners, waste of money, worst insurer ever, a con organisation, useless and so on. From a total of 183 reviews, the results are as follows: Excellent: 9, Good: 4, OK: 4, Bad: 5, Terrible: 151.

I invite you to contact CommInsure and/ or CommBank and ask: how can they can conduct a full and detailed investigation, arrive at a determination and provide a report (which they claim to have been based on the facts, their knowledge and experience) when they have not undertaken any assessments to support their statements?


CommInsure/ CommBank contact details are: Group Customer Relations, GPO Box 41, Sydney, NSW 2001. Customer Resolutions Manager: Telephone: 02 9115 3688. Email: customer