Country of origin of products should be mentioned on e-commerce sites: Buy Swadeshi

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Indian economy is under tremendous strain due to Covid 19. To revive it, we need to improve both supply side and consumption side factors. While the government has announced a slew of measures to rationalise and improve supply side, it has been constrained by poor tax position and need to maintain good rating.

indian consumer can play a great role on consumption side factors. While we are also constrained by fall in income , we still can contribute by buying Swadeshi / Made in India products. We also do not want to support any economy which will fight a war with us. 

Due to Covid, increasingly consumer is buying online where country of origin is unknown. We request the commerce ministry to pass an ordinance/ law to immediately make it mandatory for all items listed on e-commerce web sites to show country of origin. This will allow us not only to support our country but also make informed choice about quality of product. 

I appeal to all of you to support this petition.