Nobel Peace Prize to the Algerian people

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Nobel Prize Algeria-Arabic


Arraz n Nubel n Talwit i ugdud Azzayri


Prix Nobel pour l´Algerie



Friedensnobelpreis für Algerien


Algeria through its diversity as well as its cultural and linguistic components is experiencing a profound and historical transformation since 22 February 2019. Despite geopolitical constraints and high risks, Algerians (men, women, youth, children, elderly, disabled... ) have regained possession of the public space in order to demand the establishment of a free and democratic republic.

The daily demonstrations which are taking place in a joyful atmosphere, civility, respect and high sense of humour give hope and expectations to every citizen of the oppressed world be it socially, culturally and politically.

That is why we, the undersigned,

Considering that the Algerian people in its whole entity, represented by men and women who peacefully fill the streets and corners of all cities , villages and hamlets every day since February 22, 2019 has given an irrefutable proof of exemplary and above all a great sense of pacifism.
This tidal wave of no less than 20 millions people sweeping across the whole country without a slightest sign of violence is already forcing the admiration of the entire world and it has no match in terms of numbers and pacifism in our modern world. Indeed it is now characterised as the "SMILING REVOLUTION". What a wonderful recognition for a new way of rejecting despotism , dictatorship and bad governance.

respectfully request your esteemed Committee

to consider awarding the 2019 or 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to the Algerian people for their peaceful struggle for freedom and democracy.

Berit Reiss-Andersen, President of the Norwegian Nobel Committee
Henrik Syse, Vice-President of the Norwegian Nobel Committee
Thorbjørn Jagland , member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee
Anne Enger , member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee
Asle Toje , member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee
Olav Njølstad, Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee