Comerica Bank - Stop Blocking Payment to Indian Pharmaceutical Companies

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Comerica Bank, stop blocking payments to Indian pharmaceutical companies. I have Addison's Disease. I go into life-threatening shock within 24 hours of not taking my medicine, much like a diabetic not taking their insulin. Cerecor pharmaceutical company raised the price of my medication (which President Kennedy took), by about 10,300%. The price went from $8 to $845 per month. Obviously I can't afford that on social security. My Medicare prescription insurance was not covering costs that high. For several years I received my medication from India. The price was about $18 per month. The medication was good quality and I consistently and reliably received my order every month. No more getting to the pharmacy only to discover the prescription had been filled but I couldn't pick it up because of some insurance issue. No more calling an ambulance to get a shot of the medicine in the emergency room. In December my Comerica Bank social security debit card suddenly began to claim my pharmacy is a scam and won't allow me to charge my orders. I managed to get a temporary supply that has run out. I have been sick for a month and had to call an ambulance again two weeks ago due to life-threatening side effects from the "alternative" medication. I am still sick from the incident. Comerica management refuses to resolve the issue. I called Sam Johnson's office in December since the problem is with my government-issued social security debit card. It is now June and the issue remains unresolved. Comerica Bank, quit blocking charges to AIP*GSSHONGKONGLIMITTE . Sam Johnson, please assist me in resolving this issue with my social security debit card.