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Daniel Tosh has been criticized in the past for his dark humor and politically incorrect jokes. He is well-known for being a morbid and oftentimes cynical comedian, most notably in regards to his bawdy stand-up routine and television broadcast, Tosh.0. Recently, however, yet another controversy has broken out involving Daniel Tosh.

During one of his stand-up comedy performances at the Laugh Factory, Tosh was supposedly speaking about how anything can be funny, even horrible things like rape. Immediately after, woman began heckling him, yelling out that "Actually, rape jokes are never funny!" In response, Daniel Tosh was alleged to have said, "wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now?"


UPDATE: Apparently, the owner of the laugh factory has a different perspective about the event. While the main consensus is the one above, here is an alternative perspective of the event. Even if his telling of the event is true, however, her friend's actions were still unjustifiable.


This was, of course, inappropriate to say. As any stage performer would tell you, though, heckling can be very offensive and potentially ruin a routine. Especially with stand-up comedians, some performers address and engage the heckler in order to defend themselves. Daniel Tosh, being the outspoken individual that he is, incorporated this heckler into his act by pointing out how even if this rude lady were raped right then, it could be funny in some contexts. While that may have been excessive, it's understandable that he'd respond so harshly to someone who's interrupting his routine.

Now, that same woman's friend made a blog post on Tumblr, telling her side of the story. Instead of simply blogging the experience, she painted herself as the victim and fabricated a very exaggerated and one-sided story, demonizing Daniel Tosh for simply responding to her inconsiderate heckling. Even after Tosh issued a public apology via Twitter with the blog actually linked in it, as well as a second post explaining why he said what he did, Daniel Tosh is still under fire by the public and media. In fact, there are multiple petitions on this very website (, calling for Tosh.0 to be canceled and Daniel Tosh be ostracized for his comments.

This is absolutely absurd. This entire ordeal began when the woman had attacked Daniel Tosh at his own show, only to write a blog post that makes her sound like she was the one who was verbally assaulted. Daniel Tosh is famous—infamous, rather—for being a controversial and edgy comedian, so the fact that he replied so harshly to a heckler shouldn't be surprising.

Nonetheless, he did the responsible and courteous thing by apologizing for making such an inappropriate remark, regardless of the fact that the woman had interrupted him so rudely.

Despite all this, however, he is still being condemned and now, there are even petitions aiming at taking him off the air!

So far, multiple comedians and celebrities have stood up in defense of Daniel Tosh, including Louis C.K. and even the owner of the Laugh Factory.

No matter your views toward him as a person or whether you like his form of comedy, this is a clear violation and offense against Daniel Tosh. He should NOT be damned just because of an off-handed statement he made.


Stand with the owner of the Laugh Factory, Louis C.K., Stevie Ryan, Patton Oswalt, and many more in defense of Daniel Tosh!

Letter to
Senior Vice President of Communications Steve Albini
Director of Communications Renata Luczak
CEO of Comedy Central Doug Herzog
I understand that there have been recent attacks against Daniel Tosh due to his off-hand and controversial remarks at the Laugh Factory in response to a female heckler who interrupted him during his routine. He may have been harsh in his words, but he has already publicly apologized to the woman via Twitter. Nonetheless, attacks against him are continuing as the woman still claims to be the victim in this whole ordeal. There have even been petitions made to ask for his television show, Tosh.0, on your channel (Comedy Central) to be canceled!

I strongly disagree and I am here to express my support for Daniel Tosh and Tosh.0. He is a well-liked comedian and millions of people enjoy his shows and stand-up routines! Please do not remove Tosh.0 or condemn him for this mishap, especially seeing how he's already apologized for his remarks!

I'm asking you to stand behind Daniel Tosh and defend him in this entire ordeal because not only did the female heckler write a very biased blog post that painted herself as the victim, but even the owner of the Laugh Factory has sided with Tosh, saying that the woman misunderstood the situation. Numerous comedians, including Louis C.K, Patton Oswalt, Jim Norton, and Anthony Jeselnik, have stood by him, as well.

Defend Daniel Tosh!


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