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#RapeIsNotFunny .. nor are 'Rape Jokes'!


ITV has just pulled the popular 'Dapper Laughs' show 'On the Pull' citing the star's rape joke routines in his live stage performances (not even broadcast on ITV) as the reason.


We are asking all comedians, broadcasters, comedy promoters, comedy award givers and even audiences not to tolerate 'rape jokes'. By rape joke' we meanjokes that trivialise rape or that are made at the expense of rape victims, not jokes against individuals or a culture that endorses rape!) 

The campaign was launched at the Edinburgh Festival 2014 by Stand Up For Women, Object, Zero Tolerance & Rape Crisis Scotland.


It's already supported by Jenny Eclair, Peter Egan, Josie Long, Kate Smurthwaite, James Mullinger and dozens of other comedians, performers and even comedy show promoters.


Find out more here: ;


So if you want to see an end to 'rape jokes' and one day a culture that wholeheartedly condemns rape sign the petition.

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