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With seal goods banned in every major market but China, Canada can no longer
economically justify their annual seal hunt. So why does it still take place?

Letter to
Honorable Prime Minister Harper
Canada's annual seal hunt faces so many setbacks, it doesn't make economic sense to prolong it.

Seal fur prices continue to plummet since the European Union outlawed seal product trade across 27 nations. The U.S, Mexico, and Croatia ban seal items. Russia has further reduced the commercial market with a shutdown of its own hunt last year. An ongoing global boycott of Canadian seafood only worsens chances for a "comeback" of this controversial industry.

This year, record amounts of thawing ice along Canada's east coast weakened birthing grounds for harp seals -- causing mothers to abort pups in water or fall through fragile ice. Seal pups dyed by the thousands, yet the Canadian government actually upped the 2010 kill quota by 50,000.

I urge Canadian officials to purchase sealing licenses and sponsor economic options for your citizens. Economists predict that a buyout would cost less than subsidizing the hunt itself. In one survey, half of responding sealers back a federal buyout. Stopping the hunt could save Canadians $6.9 million (or more) yearly, according to a Marine Policy journal report.

From an ethical standpoint, cancellation of the world's largest marine mammal slaughter is long overdue. Some 72% of Canadians support a ban on killing pups and 81% do not care if the hunt ends altogether.

In fact, most of the world condemns Canada's hunt, where 98% of seals butchered range from 2 weeks to 3 months in age. Well-publicized documentation shows seals shot, bludgeoned, kicked and thrashed with razor-sharp hakapiks. Photographic images from the 2010 hunt reveal a pup
shot in the face and struggling to flee amid pools of his own blood. As the world bears witness to these horrible acts of cruelty, year after year, government claims about "humane slaughter" ring hollow.

Senator Mac Harb has reintroduced his bill to ban seal slaughter in Canadian waters. I ask officials to support Senator Harb's legislation. It’s time to end a violent industry with little financial relevance. Please make a responsible decision to permanently stop the seal hunt.