#PMofIndiaMustDoAPressConference - Citizens Satyagraha to Change the habit of PM of India

#PMofIndiaMustDoAPressConference - Citizens Satyagraha to Change the habit of PM of India

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Ram Sharma started this petition to Prime Minister of India and

Shri Narendra Modiji - the PM of the Largest Democracy on Earth hasn't done a single free wheeling "Press Conference" 6 years into his Tenure - as of 03rd April 2020 - its been 2139 days in office for him. Long long time isn't it?

All the past Prime Ministers have had a track record of facing the press in free-wheeling press conferences during their tenure. Without going too far back into history - just look at his immediate predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singhji - whom current PM Modiji, his party and supporters regularly derided as "MAUN-Mohan" / "MAUNI baba". Even he used to do 1-to-many conversations:

  1. Press Conference on his way back home after every foreign trip on-board the PMs aircraft addressing all major issues relevant at that time
  2. additional Press Conferences in Vigyan Bhawan inviting Journalists and Editors from across the spectrum of National and Regional media - without any bias or preference towards "Journalists he or his party liked"

In stark contrast to this, for all his masterful oratory - PM Modi only does:

  1. Monologues (8PM / 9AM / #mannkibaat )
  2. Election rallies / campaign speeches (way too many of them - few hundreds every year)
  3. Speeches in Functions
  4. One to One Interactions with Journalists of his choosing (often suspected to be "scripted" i.e. questions of his choosing by fawning journalists in awe of his greatness)
  5. close door interactions with Media bosses (often "requesting" them to ensure "positive coverage about national issues")
  6. Staged interactions by BJP (Chaai pe Charcha / Students interactions etc.)
  7. Diwali / Holi milans at BJP office (where Journalists click Selfies with him)

As is clearly evident majority of the above are "monolgues / one-way traffic" or "conveniently organized interactions". In stark contrast, if we look at any other major democracy across the world - the PM / President of all large democracies regularly interacts with / faces the press in an open transparent manner - and takes on wide range of questions concerning the people including challenging ones or at times even hostile ones.

So while PM Modiji is free to continue with the #7 types of interactions he currently does - in the interest of absolute and total transparency & accountability, and encouraging the spirit of debate, critical reasoning, and questioning in a Democracy - he should or rather I insist as a Common Citizen - He MUST as PM of INDIA also do regular Press Conferences.

It is believed that 21 days is enough to build / change a habit. So here I am as a Citizen of this great nation using #Lockdown21 to request the "Prime Minister of INDIA" to work on this so that he can over come his fear of facing the press and is able to do a Press Conference soon.

I will dutifully remind him as a Citizen every single day on his Facebook and Twitter account, till the day he actually does a Press Conference. We understand from his PR machinery that he does listen to feedback of common man especially on Social Media.

So I hope he will also listen to my request and ACT on it. Refer:

  1. Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/theRealRSS/status/1243033636628135937
  2. Facebook thread: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ram-sharma/citizens-satyagraha-to-change-the-habit-of-pm-of-india/10157750797390549

So if you also believe #PMofIndiaMustDoAPressConference and wish to support me to convince him that this is not just wishful thinking of 1 Indian, but a just demand from a large section of the INDIAN citizens - please feel free to support me on this Petition.

If you do not wish to support that is fine too - Thank You for reading till here. I will continue with my individual crusade to bring a change in the behavior of my PM. I just request you to at least support me on my right to do this and not try to "shut me up" or "ridicule me" or label me as a "anti-national" / "sickular" / "tukde tukde gang" like it has become a fashion in India since past few years! :)

I am if not more at least an equally proud INDIAN like PM Modiji, his party and followers proclaim themselves to be.

#PMofIndiaMustDoAPressConference - Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram, Jai Hind ! 

Best regards,
~A Hopeful Citizen of India

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!