Stop Comcast from limiting upstream bandwidth for high speed accounts

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In recent years, internet speeds have grown from 1 megabit speeds to 1 Gigibit speeds.  As new fiber providers like AT&T, Google fiber, and Verizon have come along they provide 1 Gigabit speeds at a symmetrical level.  What does this mean?  It means if you are paying for 1 Gigabit you get that speed Up and Down.  

What does Comcast do?  They still limit Upstream speeds to a maximum of 35 Megabits on a 1 Gigabit line for all users.  Even as a business user you pay upwards of $400 for 1 Gigabit speeds and are robbed of the precious upstream bandwidth.

Why is this important?  in todays world of online backup solutions and cloud based storage like Dropbox and Google Drive, upload speed is just as important as download speeds.  Large online backups or file sync processes can take hours to complete.

The solution is simple.  Comcast needs to stop robbing their customers, both residential and ESPECIALLY business customers of their upstream bandwidth.  Unlock the clamp, and provide symmetrical speeds like all the new fiber providers.  Just because they are the only player in the game in some areas should not mean robbing customers of the ability to efficiently do online backups to protect their data.