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Remove 300GB data cap limit from all internet plans

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-=(Why this petition is important)=-

In today's society the internet is used for just about anything and everything. Comcast's Xfinity is a very reliable and fast service, however their price for internet data usage cost is unreasonably questionable.

If you use the internet on a daily bases, then you will know that a 300GB data cap on all internet plans is a barbaric idea to begin with.

Even worse is if you go over the capped limit, you are forced into automatically paying $10(USD) for an extra 50GB of data. Also if you've not reach your month's renew date and you go over the 50GB given to you, It will cost another automatic payment of $10.

-=(Why this petition was started)=-

Big companies such as Comcast are taking advantage of their costumers by evaluating how the internet is being used. They want to make the most profit out of people who use it the most, and the only way to do that is to provide service at a very high and unfair price point.

These kind of policies should not legally exist.

-=(What is affected by this policy)=-

EVERYTHING that uses the internet through Comcast's XFINITY service. If you have a TV plan and you watch TV, just like streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube its going to consume a lot of data. Games in today's standard are very huge in file sizes that range anywhere from

20GB-80GB in size while their updates are almost just as huge and very frequent! To today's standards, 300GB for one month simply will not cut the bill for anybody as it will be used up in less than a week!

-=(Who is affected by this policy)=-

People who

• Work at home over the internet for a living

• Watch media such as Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube

• People & companies who use cloud storage constantly with or without automatic backups

• Schools and institutions which rely on a cloud computer environment

• People who opt for the option to pay for digital copies of downloadable video games and content.

Not everybody is affected. Only those who live in the affected states in the next section.

However even if you aren't affected by this policy, I strongly urge you to support and share petition as this can happen to your city next. ESPECIALLY if Comcast covers majority of the internet services in your area. Please don't wait before it's too late.

-=(States affected by this policy)=-

• Alabama: Huntsville and Mobile

• Arizona: Tucson Atlanta,

• Georgia: Augusta and Savannah

• Kentucky: Central

• Maine: All Cities

• Mississippi: Jackson

• Tennessee: Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis

• South Carolina: Charleston

-=(How can this Petition make a difference)=-

This can better the quality of everybody's enjoyment of the internet without being charged unfair prices.

Companies will be able to save more money for necessary materials and provide better and more affordable health insurance options for their employees.

Comcast isn't exactly on good terms with their costumer base as well. This change will generate a Win/Win situation.

Happy Customers = Returning customers.
Happy Customers will refer their friends and families about their experiences thus generate more customers, possibly gaining customers who were being provided Internet Service by another competitive company.

Comcast Please make this happen!

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