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Louisa County deserves more high-speed Internet options!

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In December 2016, Canada declared high-speed internet a "basic telecommunications service that every citizen should be able to access" (Vincent, The Verge).  There is little doubt that convenient access to high-speed Internet is becoming essential to daily life.  Why, then, in 2017, is it still absolutely impossible to access something as basic as high-speed Internet in some parts of the U.S.?  

For example, as a recent college graduate, I would love to be able to return to work in my hometown of Louisa County, but I have severe concerns that the lack of Internet options at my home in the county, where there are currently NO high-speed options, would really hinder my success.  I am sure I am not the only one in Louisa who feels limited in their personal and/ or professional lives by the absolute lack of access to reliable Internet.  

We may have satellite options in most places, but let's consider a cost and speed comparison:

HughesNet: $69.99/mo (first 12 mos.) for 50 GB plan at 25 Mbps down/ 3 Mbps up
Excede: $100/ mo. for 50 GB plan at 12 Mbps down/ 3 up

Comcast Xfinity: $59.99/ mo. (first 12 months) for unlimited access up to 200 Mbps down
Verizon Fios: $39.99/ mo. (first 12 months) for unlimited access 50 Mbps up/down

Comcast and Verizon also have bundles which can include TV and phone as well.  As you can see, there is really no comparison between satellite and cable/ fiber internet options.  Satellite internet is limiting, overpriced, unreliable, and outdated.  For the same price (or less!) that you're limited with Exede or HughesNet by a data cap and low speeds, Comcast and Verizon offer unlimited plans with MUCH faster speeds.  It is 2017, and rural areas deserve access to reliable internet!

If this county had more widespread access to high-speed data connections, I believe it could attract more young professionals and college graduates (like myself), which could equal more money, new job opportunities, etc.  Not only could it attract a new demographic, but it would provide convenience and open up job opportunities for current citizens.  In the two days that this petition has been live, it has received almost 200 signatures.  Many citizens comment that they have had to turn down jobs, wish they could move somewhere with reliable Internet for better work, etc.  It truly does make a difference.  Students are often expected to use the Internet at home for assignments, because teachers are supposed to stay up-to-date on technology in the classroom.  Without reliable Internet access, Louisa county as a whole suffers.  Its current citizens suffer, its children suffer, and the county suffers because it does not attract new talent to move here!  I do not mean to say that Louisa County should become a booming city; its small-town personality is what people love.  However, its citizens deserve access to reliable internet to be able to keep up with the demands of a tech-savvy environment.       

Your signature on this petition will represent to Internet providers and local government that you agree it is time for consistent, reliable high-speed (NON-SATELLITE) Internet options in Louisa County!  If you already have high-speed Internet in the county, consider yourself privileged, but I also encourage you to sign this petition in support of those who do not (Cuckoo, Bumpass, Jackson, etc.).  Furthermore, signing this petition represents that, if available, you would be willing to become a high-speed Internet customer.

Again, even if you already have Internet access please consider signing this petition as a supporter.  If you don't live in the county, same thing.  Please consider showing your support!  Thank you.   

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