Comcast Should Provide Permanent Free Home Internet to ALL Low-Income Chicago Students

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The Income, Racial, Immigrant, Gender, & Geographic United States Digital Divide grows every week. The COVID19 Coronavirus has exacerbated it at a time when tens of millions of adults & children must have access to the internet to survive-for access to their family members, food, jobs, school, healthcare, housing, transportation & more. In 2011 Comcast began Internet Essentials, a computer/internet program for low income families. 1 Million Chicagoans, including 375,000 school children in the National School Lunch Program, adults & children who receive MEDICAID and/or live in public housing and/or have SNAP, TANF, SSI, LIHEAP, WIC, Federal Pell Grants, VA Pensions,Tribal assistance, including TTANF, FDPIR qualify for Internet Essentials. Next week tens of thousands of Chicago Public School (CPS) Students will receive a Chromebook or iPad from CPS to attend school from home. However, even before Coronavirus, they could not afford the monthly internet fees. Last month Comcast announced New customers Only can get internet free for 2 months, instead of paying $9.95/month. Comcast's 2019 Revenues were $109 BILLION, a 15% increase from 2018. We call on Comcast to immediately Cancel ALL Internet Fees Permanently for All New & Existing Customers, adults & children, who qualify for Internet Essentials.