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Petitioning State Representative Matt Gaetz and 5 others

Combat Animal cruelty by petitioning the State of Florida to return tax dollars collected from the Animal Industry

It is estimated that US pet owners spend approximately 54 Billion dollars on their animals, which amounts to huge tax dollars in every state.  Florida's population is now number three in the nation where three out of five families have pets.  The State of Florida currently provides no tax dollars to assist animal shelters and rescues or to prosecute animal cruelty violators.  Donations are at an all time low due to the poor economy and animal shelters and rescues struggle to keep their doors open.  They must also rely on law enforcement departments to prosecute their cases, which are rarely sucessful due to the lack of interest and specialized training, which is crutial in these complicated criminal cases.

Grooming, boarding, and veterinary services are not currently taxed in Florida and is an untapped source of revenue that could be diverted to provide free/low cost spay/neuter clinics which would bring the euthanasia numbers down.  Shelters would then have adequate funding for building maintenance and day to day operations.  Specialized law enforcement officers would be able to vigorously pursue animal cruelty investigations resulting in more convictions for abusers.

Please ask our Florida State Legislators to provide the funds that are desperately needed by all animal shelters in this state.

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State Representative Matt Gaetz
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Florida Governor
State Representative Matt Gaetz
State Representative Jefferson B. Miller
Return some of our tax dollars to combat animal cruelty and provide a means for animal shelters to continue their care of abused and homeless animals