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PinkSlip should be covered under insurance which employer has to pay in case of such event

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Pink Slip -a modern day curse, i have been hearing this a lot and thought of looking at solutions.

A pink slip given to any employee ,at any point of time, without any particular mistake of him/her or organisational
strategy in any of the organisation impacts the employee fatally.

Not only his/her morale is affected, but comes as a sudden blow on the person's future goals, family life, finance.the
whole world comes to a standstill,while he is still figuring out his mistake and recovering from the shock.its a period
which cannot be explained, constantly tormented by questions like ,why me?was i to blame,self loathing, denial ,accompanied
by low self esteem and tension ,which is life threatening. then there are loans to repay,school fees to pay, awkward
situations socially, nosy people who are prying into your life and asking questions about how n why it happened?

Employer should be able to bear this cost either by itself or providing the same as a coverage under insurance which will
cover in such case of job-loss.

When Insurance is covered for other reasons like fire/death/health etc then why not for job which a employee spends his
half of life time. Job is the person identity and that needs to be secured as a brand or image.

If every employee is asked to pay a particular amount every month for a health insurance for him and his family which will
cover his health expenses , then why not his job ? for example, Premium of Rs.1000 gets you a coverage of 5 lakh, A Term plan of Rs.599 per month can get you 1 crore coverage, then why not - 

#Job-Loss Insurance Coverage.

Pay a monthly premium and job should be covered either by the employer or the insurance companies in event of such a loss
for a minimum amount which is agreed by both the parties while joining any organisation/

It surely has a impact on employee and if you agree with what i have mentioned here ,it should reach the right organisation
in Indian government to make sure the employee gets the due credit for his work done.

If you agree with me on this, do sign the petition

Jai Hind

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