Rename Columbus Ohio

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The Problem

Columbus, Ohio is named after Christopher Columbus. That name is toxic. It represents a man who violently treated local populations, enslaved and converted people, and spread pandemics (see more). At a time when racism, prejudice, and violence has come to the forefront of social discourse, we must examine every instance and inspiration of bigotry. Names like Columbus should be remembered in history books and museums, but they cannot remain as monuments or municipalities.

Columbus is one of the 15 largest cities in America and a state capitol. It is the place where so many children call home. Such a name instills and entrenches a misplaced reverence for a truly malevolent man. This has caused hate to permeate. The name must be changed. 

The city, and statehouse, were built with bricks made from Native American burial mounds. With such a disgrace, how can the institutions in place ever hope to accommodate the wonderfully diverse population? As of 2010, 28% of the city was Black, 5.6% Hispanic, and 4.1% Asian. We must stop implicit racism. 

The Solution

Columbus, Ohio must be renamed. Our representatives must hear us and be better.

My personal vote is for "Owens, Ohio." Jesse Owens was a legendary athlete for The Ohio State University and America. He won eight individual NCAA championships and set three world records in a span of 45 minutes. He won four gold medals in the face of Nazi fascism. Owens is a hero's name. A name that children can be proud to call home.