Finish the Columbus City School Year Virtually

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On Thursday, February 25th, Columbus City Schools informed Columbus City School students that grades 6-12 would return to the school building.

This decision was made without the consultation of parents or students. 

Many buildings in the district are notorious for the lack of windows. The CDC guidelines state, "When indoors, ventilation mitigation strategies help to offset the absence of natural wind and reduce the concentration of viral particles in the indoor air." However, schools such as Centennial have no windows in classrooms. 

There is no way to "prepare" for the virus as the district would like for us to believe. Students may be asymptomatic, meaning they could carry the virus and not show any symptoms. As a result, they may spread this to students. 

Many people will argue to switch to "Online Academy", but this is inconvenient because Online Academy means the student will be dropped in a new classroom and receive new instructors. This is inconvenient because students have gotten adjusted to their virtual classrooms for months. 

Others argue homeschooling is an option. Not only do many students not have the resources to be homeschooled, but students taking AP/IB credits will lose all their hard-earned work and credits. 

Online academy or learning extension centers are providing a stepped-down level of instruction relative to the AP/IB programs. So, are these real options? To many, this appears as extortion to send kids back to school. 

The only way to ensure our safety is if everyone stays home. CCS, allow us to stay at home to ensure our health, and no one dies from this plan that lacks structure. Thank you.