Keep Columbus Division of Police In Columbus City Schools

Keep Columbus Division of Police In Columbus City Schools

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Started by Nicole Banks

In response to a recent attempt to remove/bar Columbus Division of Police officers from Columbus City Schools, we respectfully request that the Board of Education resist this attempt to deprive our students of the protection, friendship, and camaraderie which results from having uniformed officers in the schools. Every year, CPD officers help mentor thousands of students, often through tiny, daily interactions that other observers often are not even aware of. Many of the School Resource Officers make a profound difference simply by being there. 

CPD officers are also positive role models through programs such as TAPS--Teen and Police Service--an 11-week program in which officers meet with at-risk kids and teach them life skills to include bullying prevention, anti-drug/anti-violence messages, and healthy living. 

The Heroes and Helpers program would also be eradicated. This program takes deserving students holiday shopping with an officer at Target. It's oftentimes the only Christmas presents the children can afford, and usually, the officer will donate additional money towards what the child can purchase. 

The charity Starfish Assignment has a wonderful program called Books & Badges, in which CPD officers go into classrooms to read to children, and then every child in that class receives a copy of that book. Since the program was established on December 19, 2019, 2,608 books were ordered before COVID-19 put it on hiatus. Most of those were for CCS students. This program is a huge hit with teachers, students, and officers, with many teachers reporting that they've never seen their kids more attentive. 

While we certainly agree that changes need to be made in our society, and in the Columbus Division of Police--something the Division readily acknowledges itself--we humbly ask that the Columbus Board of Education deny the request to remove CPD officers from its schools.

1,083 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!