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Hang a Haitian Flag within the SIPA 4th Floor Lobby

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Columbia | SIPA, 'the most global public policy school, where an international community of students and faculty address world challenges', has failed year after year to address an alarming and hurtful oversight by the administration to include a Haitian flag in the lobby of our hallowed institution. Haitian students have brought this to the attention of administrators on numerous occasion over several years, but it seems the oversight has continued with little resolve to rectify it. 

As the world's leading policy school, the lobby of Columbia | SIPA serves as as a representation of the diversity of its student body, as well as a touchstone of the global hallmark of SIPA's mission.

The lobby is not only the first thing students see each and every morning, it signifies to all who walk through our doors SIPA's unyielding commitment to empower its community to serve the global public interest. 

Haiti has been a continued destination for countless SIPA students to practice and learn, and its myriad of challenges have been the catalyst of multiple capstones, student life discussions and lectures. However its place on the international stage goes formally unrecognized with a flag within the walls of an institution who propagates Haiti for countless academic undertakings and research. 

Haiti is more than a lab to be used by SIPA to train its students. It is a 211 year old nation with a rich heritage and culture as well as international significance as the first independent black nation which deserves the same respect bestowed to all other countries whose flags hang in SIPA's 4th floor lobby.  

Its influential citizenry, and vast diaspora count among SIPA's alumni, current student body, faculty and ​ staff and​  we therefore demand the institution install the Haitian flag by Haitian Flag Day, May 18th, 2015 - the end of the Spring 2015 semester.   

Please join in showing solidarity with this cause by signing this petitition.  

Richard Scott Brookshire III, 1st Year MPA Candidate



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